Formula One Meets Fashion

Formula One Meets FashionFashion always seems to appear at the big world events, whether it is invited or not. This is why whenever Formula One is in town, fashion becomes one of the main talking points at the event. Of course, some locations are more important than others, with the Monaco Grand Prix coming out on top every year. This place already hosts many of the stars of the fashion world every day of the year, as a lot of them either own a home in the area, or live there full time.

However, when Formula One lands in the city, then the fashion industry is not far behind. Many A-listers flock to the location to make sure that they are seen sporting the latest designs. This place is where F1 meets Hollywood, and like Cannes, if you are not seen here, then you are not that important. As with F1, fashion is all about money, design and looking good, not to mention always trying to come out on top. Both the F1 teams and the fashion designers are trying to come out on top.

The other good thing about the place is that the weather is usually good, and it is probably the only place on earth that hosts the most millionaires. If you have lots of money, then you need to have some connection to the area. Although they do not show the airport on the television, when F1 is around, it is full of private jets that belong to the rich and famous.

A number of fashion shows do take place during the racing weekend, with one of the main ones being held at the Meridien Beach Plaza hotel, around the pool. Although the drivers may wear some fashion gear, it is all about the wives and girlfriends, who make sure that they are sporting the most recent designer labels. On race day, it is not unusual to see people like Naomi Campbell and Kim Kardashian hanging around.

If you are a follower of fashion, then it is worth watching F1 on race day just to see who you recognize, and what it is that they are wearing.